Powerful features make Nucla the best way to manage your enterprise’s cross-functional external partner and pre-supplier interactions.

Aggregate your enterprise's engagement.

Unify data from every source to give you the most comprehensive view.

Internal Databases

Integrate established supplier databases (e.g., HICX, Ariba, Coupa) to extract and consolidate crucial business intelligence.

Engagement Team Activity

Map the organization and aggregates spreadsheets and other data from each team engaged in external partnerships.

Direct from Partners

Establish a centralized master form, consolidating all pre-supplier interaction to a single place.

Ensure you engagement data is up-to-date.

Manage your enterprise's engagement activity to create a complete picture.

Build and share dynamic reports

Dynamic Reporting

Craft anything from a simple spreadsheet replacement to a fully interactive analysis report.

Enrich company profiles with trusted third-party data

Enriched Company Profiles

Keep your funnel up-to-date with dynamic data from trusted sources like Pitchbook and Crunchbase.

Updates and reminders where engagement overlap exists

Update Reminders

Get notified when records need to be updated or activity conflicts with another team or database.

Broadcast engagement activity to your enterprise.

Provide access to all stakeholders eliminating silos across the organization.

Centrally access all your external partner data

Central Access Portal

Publish comprehensive external partner interaction data, facilitating universal or partial accessibility.

AI search and indexing of all external partners

AI Indexing and Search

Answer cross-functional questions by providing access to standardize business intelligence.

Flexible API

Automatically push all data collected and organized to other tools, systems or data visualizations.

Unlock new capabilities, understanding and efficiency.

Finally, the ability to see everything happening across your organization.

Updates and reminders where engagement overlap exists

Cross-Company Trends  

Identify patterns and trends that you can action and leverage to inform business strategy and growth.

Eliminate duplicative efforts and understand cross-functional overlap

Cross-Functional Overlap

Eliminate duplicative efforts and identify opportunities based on parallel activity happening across multiple teams.    

Drive Better Engagement

Give all stakeholders access to the information they need to do their job and better engage with the ecosystem.

Built specifically for the enterprise.

Support for the largest, most complex organizations in the world

Enteprise Grade Security

Enterprise Grade Security

Protection on every layer and complete admin control to allow for maximum security and customization.

SSO enabled Platform

SSO Enabled

Ensure access control and allow teams to sign into a platform with a single set of credentials.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Dedicated Support

Design the ideal platform structure, custom rollout plan and ongoing data management.

Centralize external engagement data from your databases and teams.

Nucla integrates with your supplier databases to extract crucial business intelligence. Plus, aggregates spreadsheets and engagement data from each of your teams.

Collect and aggregate data from your internal databases

Add Nucla to your enterprise stack, today.

It's about time you had a specialized platform that unlocks your external partner and pre-supplier intelligence.

Build and share engagement or research report with other stakeholdersComplete company profiles showing cross-funtional engamgnet overlap Nucla is a  business intelligence platform that helps you manage your company’s growing number of external partner interactions.

It’s built specifically to make your engagement teams more effective by unlocking access to existing data, while giving you visibility into all teams’ pipelines and centrally collecting data. 

Give everyone central access to every B2B relationship that exists across the company.