All of your company data, together at last.

Nucla helps streamline company tracking, reporting and sharing.
It's built for enterprise teams.

Build a complete view of your ecosystem.

Connect company data from all your trusted locations.


Import companies and your custom fields, status and data.


Sync your existing tools to pull in data on companies you already track.

Data & News

Enrich company profiles with dynamic  data and news from trusted sources.

Internal Teams

Selectively exchange company data with other teams.

External Partners

Securely receive data from trusted network of scouts.


Dynamically pull in company data from anywhere using our flexible API.

Aggregate data from teams, tools and trusted sources

Create a private group, customize your connections and allow data to seamlessly flow between your team and everywhere else in your ecosystem.

Tools & Data Providers

Link your tools to continuously pull in companies and enrich profiles with dynamic data and news.

Teams & Partners

Connect your group to other groups on platform to selectively or holistically share data.

Company profiles like never before

Comprehensive view of every company, allowing your team to access and manage company data from every source you care about.


Create an ideal company profile that lays out information from your sources side-by-side.


Build your own tracking taxonomy using flexible fields and easily visualize to sort and segment.

Share companies, dynamically

Craft anything from a simple spreadsheet to a fully interactive analysis report to push companies and insights to others.

Share to other groups

Pick which companies and curated data should be visible to others.

Publish to the world

Generate links that enable you to broadly publish or selectively share your company insights.

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Nucla upgrades your existing approach to company tracking. Finally, all your company data in one place.