Unify your enterprise's external engagement strategy

The business intelligence platform that centralizes enterprise relationship data, aligns all teams and unlocks actionable insights.

Search and track all your companies engagement in one place.

Answer cross-functional questions by providing access to standardized business intelligence.

Stop asking the same questions

Who is this company? Are we already engaged? Who owns this relationship?

Company indexing and search

Publish comprehensive engagement data, facilitating universal access across the enterprise.

Finally, the ability to see engagement happening across your organization

Integrate Existing Databases

Nucla seamlessly integrates with established supplier databases (e.g., HICX, Ariba, Coupa) to extract and consolidate crucial business intelligence scattered across multiple systems.

Collect Team Intelligence

Nucla maps the organizational landscape and aggregates spreadsheets and data from each team engaged in external partnerships, to create a comprehensive overview.

Centralize Pre-Supplier Data

Nucla establishes a centralized master database, consolidating all pre-supplier interactions. Administrative team controls data dissemination, ensuring availability and integrity of data.

Organize & Provide Access

Nucla organizes and publishes comprehensive external partner interaction data, facilitating universal accessibility across the enterprise, empowering informed decision-making.

Facilitate Data Collection

Nucla enables seamless data collection from internal teams and direct vendor interactions, supporting continuous expansion and enrichment of the centralized database.

Ongoing Business Insights

Nucla provides robust tools to effectively manage and comprehend ongoing activities. This drives operational efficiency and generates actionable insights, catalyzing sustained enterprise growth.

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Complete company profiles showing cross-funtional engamgnet overlap

Built for Engagement Teams

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R&D + Labs

Teams engaging partners to locate or prototype technologies to future-proof their business.


Teams mapping out and engaging the companies and technologies that are disrupting their industry.

Innovation + Partnerships

Teams searching the ecosystem to locate partners that can help their business grow and change.

Programs + Accelerators

Teams engaging or marketing opportunities to the startup ecosystem to collect applications and find partners.

Corporate Ventures

Teams deeply evaluating startups or scaleups in order to make strategic invests into the companies of the future.

Merger & Acquisitions

Teams tracking market trends and top players to identify companies for purchase and integration.

Information Technology

Teams working with external partners and providers to build out and optimize their platforms and tools.

Vendor Management

Teams managing the existing companies vendors and supplier relationships and onboard new ones.

Sales + BD

Teams prospecting and selling in the company's products, technologies and/or solutions.  

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Build and share engagement or research report with other stakeholdersComplete company profiles showing cross-funtional engamgnet overlap