We’re on a mission to unite the ecosystem

Nucla strives to be the "Nucleus" for the entire startup ecosystem by allowing people to better track and share company information.

The story behind us

Nucla is named after a tiny town located in Southwest Colorado. The town's founders named it Nucla, with the intent that it serve as a "nucleus" for the surrounding farms and mines. We built the Nucla platform with the same intention, become the "nucleus" for the entire startup ecosystem and serve as the center for all surrounding company data.

The mission behind all our work

From our inception, the vision was clear: unite all parts of the innovation ecosystem on a single system. Since that platform did not exist, we decided to build it. We sketched the first version on the back of a tiny napkin. Since then, we’ve expanded our use cases to include all types of company data, regardless of reason for tracking companies. We have added thousands of features and integrations based on customer need. Everything has evolved, but the original vision remains as relevant today.

The values that drive
everything we do

We love solving real problems. We adhere to the no-a**hole rule. And we hold ourselves to a very high standards while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Product Obsessed

Passionate about listening to our customers, mapping need and shipping useful product.

Ecosystem Obsessed

Curious about impact of new technology and how it will shape the future.

Tool Obsessed

Never satisfied, always searching for new tools to optimize our stack and work smarter.

Team Obsessed

Love the work we do and the people we do it with.

The Modern Workplace!

Nucla is based in San Francisco, but you can find the team working remotely across the country.

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San Francisco, CA


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Denver, Atlanta & San Jose

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Nucla team

Love the work we do and the people we do it with.

Interested in joining the Nucla team?

If you want to help build, service or grow amazing software, we'd love to hear from you.

Our partners

Growing number of enterprises use Nucla helps streamline company tracking, reporting and sharing.