About Nucla

Nucla is on a mission to become the "nucleus" of every enterprise's business intelligence.
Colorado Based

Headquartered in Denver, but you can find the team working remotely across the country.

Enteprise Ready

Built and support for the largest, most complex organizations in the world.

Growing Fast

Need for dedicated tool for growing enterprise engagement layer is clear.

Our Origin Story

The Nucla journey began after witnessing a major trend happening within Fortune 1000 companies  — an emphasis to look beyond their organizational boundaries because innovation can no longer come solely from within.

Their solution, monitor the ecosystem and future-proof through strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions — a movement now known as Corporate Innovation.

Nucla originated from the realization that every enterprise is heavily investing in Corporate Innovation by expanding teams that engage the ecosystem (e.g. R&D, scouting, partnership, investments, and M&A teams) — but these teams are not as efficient and effective as they should be because they can't access or understand what relationships already exist or what other activities are currently taking place across the organization.

It was clear, the enterprise needs a dedicated tool to manage and centralize their ever expanding amount of external partner and pre-supplier relationship data.

Why Nucla?

The idea came after roadtripping though the tiny town of Nucla, Colorado. The town's founders aptly named it 'Nucla', envisioning it as a "nucleus" for the surrounding farms and mines. Inspired by this vision and being a Colorado based company, we took on the town's hundred year old mission of unity and centralization.

Beyond a mere label, our name is a commitment — to make Nucla, the nucleus of all enterprise business intelligence.

Join the ranks of Global 2000 companies that trust us to navigate external partnership complexities, drive growth, and shape the future of their business.

Meet the Leadership Team

Love the work we do and the people we do it with.

Nick Mathers
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Careaga
Chief Technology Officer
Shawn Deprey
Chief Engineering Officer
Jason Parkyn
Chief Product Officer

We build for our amazing customers.

The values that drive everything we do.

We love solving problems. We adhere to the no-a**hole rule. And we hold ourselves to a very high standards, while not taking ourselves too seriously.

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Product Obsessed

Passionate about listening to our customers, mapping need and shipping useful product.


Curious about impact of new technology and how it will shape the future.

Stack Optimizers

Never satisfied, always searching for new tools to optimize our stack and work smarter.

Close-Knit Team

Love the work we do and the people we do it with.

Data Driven

Data is the new gold and we are looking to help people use it better.

Keep it Entertaining

Hold ourselves to a very high standards while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Add Nucla to your enterprise stack, today.

It's about time you had a specialized platform that unlocks your external partner and pre-supplier intelligence.

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