Create forms and surveys to collect information from external partners

About Typeform

Typeform turns average forms & surveys into a powerful brand communication tool for your business. Create forms, surveys, quizzes (and so much more) to grow your audience, improve just about anything, and validate (or invalidate) your best ideas.

Why connect Typeform to Nucla?

Use Typeform to collect information you need from external companies and centralize it in your private group. Once you integrate Typeform and start receiving submissions, you will be able to view that data in real time, see it alongside third-party data that you choose to include, and create auto-populated dashboards that provide the high-level view your team needs to assess its progress.

How you set up your Typeform integration

  1. Create your Typeform account and log in.
  2. Navigate to the upper-right hand corner and click your account icon.
  3. Navigate to the Personal Tokens tab. Click "Generate a new token" in the upper-right.
  4. Name your token and select All Scopes. Custom scopes may affect the reliability of the integration so only do so if completely necessary. Click Generate token.
  5. Typeform will display your generated token. Copy it and store it someplace safe. If you forget, you can generate a new token and associate it with your KITE group.
  6. Return to KITE and work with your group administrator to complete the next set of steps.
  7. Click the Settings button and navigate to your group's settings. Click the Integrations tab and locate the Typeform integration card. Click Connect.
  8. Paste your personal token from Typeform into the box and click Submit Key. If successful, a "Connected" status will appear on the card.

For more details on this integration, including screenshots of each step, see the Help Docs.