Upload to better manage data and enrich with dynamic data

Import Spredsheets

Use our import flow to transform the data import experience from painful to productive. Its elegant, easy-to-use experience reduces frustration and allows you to import all relevant companies and data into your group.

Why import your spreadsheets onto Nucla?

Every Nucla group is equipped with spreadsheet importer so you can easily upload your existing company data from Excel, CSV or other spreadsheet file types. Once you import your company data, you can see it alongside third-party data that you choose to include.

How to upload your data

  1. Within your Nucla group, navigate to the Add Companies modal on your Companies tab.
  2. Click on  "Import Company Data" and follow the prompts. Please note that every sheet is required to have a "Name" column with the name of the company and a "Url" column that has the homepage of that company. For more spreadsheet formatting guidelines, see Help Docs.
  3. Your import will queue an import job that may take a while to complete. You can check the status to see if it has completed.

For helpful screenshots and troubleshooting tips, see Help Docs.