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July 6, 2022
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What’s in a Name? Why Nucla?

Nucla is the "Nucleus" for the entire startup ecosystem with better tracking and sharing company information.

What’s in a Name? Why Nucla?

Nucla is the "Nucleus" for the entire startup ecosystem with better tracking and sharing company information.

Our earliest mission: unite all parts of the ecosystem on a single system. Since that platform did not exist, we decided to build it. We sketched the first version on the back of a tiny napkin.

Along the way, the hard work of tracking startups unlocked a powerful insight: every group in every enterprise experiences the same challenges tracking companies for their business. They need a way to bring all of their company data together from different teams, trusted external partners, 3rd Party Data and a lot of different tools. They need a nucleus.

As a result we’ve expanded our use cases to include all types of company data, regardless of reason for tracking companies. We have added thousands of features and integrations based on customer needs. We started with a few data integrations and now have Clearbit, Crunchbase, Owler, Pitchbook and SimilarWeb with more on the way. We’ve included integrations with existing enterprise tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Affinity and Typeform. And we connect your most trusted partners all on the same platform. Everything has evolved, but the original vision remains the seed of what we do today.

Initial back of the napkin sketch

At the center of the sketch you may notice a nucleus. That’s the inspiration for our new brand name Nucla. Each part of the ecosystem operates with different business models, objectives, data, platforms and cultures. Nucla brings all the data, platforms and groups together on a single platform so all company data can be together at last.

More fun facts and discoveries about our name:

Nucleus (noun, plural nu·cle·i  [noo-klee-ahy, nyoo-], nu·cle·us·es.)

  • Derives from latin nucleus for kernel or seed, and our inspiration is rooted in the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley, which actually starts as a pre-seed or seed-round funded company designed for explosive growth. We built the Nucla platform with the same intention, to become the "nucleus" for the entire startup ecosystem and serve as the center for all surrounding company data.
  • Connector: a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered; core: A few faithful friends formed the nucleus of the club. Nucla centralizes data coming from other teams, companies, data providers and tools in one place. It’s a connector.
  • Biology. Central Intelligence: the nucleus is the control center of the cell. Once all your data is together at last, Nucla becomes the central intelligence of all your company data.
“The nucleus is one of the most obvious parts of the cell…and contains all of the cell's chromosomes, which encode the genetic material.” -- The National Human Genome Institute
  • Anatomy. Intelligence potential: a mass of nerve cells in the brain or spinal cord in which nerve fibers form connections. Nucla connects intelligence from internal teams, third party data and trusted partners externally to unlock greater intelligence and insights.
  • Physics. Outsized impact: the positively charged mass within an atom, composed of neutrons and protons, and possessing most of the mass but occupying only a small fraction of the volume of the atom. Nucla is often deployed with a single group in an enterprise and then is quickly adopted in more teams across the enterprise as they experience the power of a simple act of bringing all company data together.
  • Also in Physics, in the semi-empirical mass formula, there are five binding energy types that seem to model exceptionally well for our ecosystem plus company tracking and intelligence frameworks: Volume, Surface, Electrostatic, Asymmetry, Pairing
  • Nucla binds massive teams, tools, data and partner contributions enabling a new, clearer view of any company. This allows unprecedented combinations of new analysis across sectors, markets and opportunities.
  • Nucla is also a tiny town located in Southwest Colorado. The town's founders named it Nucla with the intent that it serve as a "nucleus" for the surrounding farms and mines. Our platform is the nucleus of enterprise intelligence around companies you track.

Nucla is your new platform for connecting all your company data to streamline collaboration, insights, reporting and sharing. We look forward to helping you harness the power of your company’s nucleus to accelerate business growth and solve business challenges.

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